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How to choose the shielding material of HDMI cable?
Date:2013-04-17 23:55:59
Electromagnetic shielding of HDMI cable is used to enclose the electromagnetic susceptible circuit with metal shielding material to reduce internal electromagnetic field strength below the permitted value. The outermost layer is metal weaving net, of which the shielding performance is relying on the density and material. The higher the density is, the better it shields. Theoretically, the shielding ratio is 85%-90% (so called 100% and above is purely fiction). HDMI cable of good quality usually uses tinned copper wire as the metal material. The second and third aluminum foil shielding layer is spirally winded. Related with the purity, thickness and overlapping, the overlapping rate of aluminum foil in good HDMI cable shall be more than 30%.
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